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"We are Your Utilities Solution

We are not a  broker "

At The Green Utilities, we make switching and saving simple.


Energy, water, and other utility bills can be extremely costly for businesses in all sectors. Not only this, but managing your utility supplies can be complex and time consuming.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


We source, secure, and manage the entirety of your utility consumption, ensuring you get the most competitive deals on all your utilities. So, you can switch and save, without any disruption to your business operations.


Not only this, but we’ll also make it our mission to help you lower your carbon footprint. Wherever possible, we’ll always offer an affordable, green energy tariff alongside the other tariffs available.

Ready to save? For a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch today!




We’ll help you find competitive deals on your business electricity, comparing top suppliers and discovering the most beneficial business electricity supplier and rates on the market



We’ll help you compare commercial gas prices across the UK and ensure you’re getting the most competitive rates, with a supplier that suits your needs.



Did you know your business can choose its water supplier? We’ll help you find the most competitive commercial water rate for your business.



In the digital age, we’re more dependent on broadband than ever. We can help you switch supplier to cut the cost of your business broadband.


Getting value for money on your mobile phone contracts? We’ll help you find more desirable phones at even more desirable rates.

Merchant Service


Are you overpaying on your transaction fees? Hidden charges you’re unaware of? Speak to us today to explore what we could offer you.

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How can we help your business?


Our Bury-based team of Utility Executive’s work with the leading energy suppliers and the largest utilities providers across the UK, to secure the most competitive prices available, whilst ensuring all essential business requirements are met.

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