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Electricity is a significant cost for most businesses. So, it’s important to find the most competitive rates on the market but also the most suitable commercial electricity supplier to meet the required needs of your business.


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At The Green Utilities, we make switching and saving simple


With over 25 years’ experience in the energy sector, we understand how to find structure the most competitive deals for your business, and we’ve got the network to make it happen. Our Bury-based team of Utility Executive’s work with the UK’s top energy suppliers, including the ‘big 6’, to secure the most competitive prices on the market. 


We’ll help you find deals suitable for your business, by comparing the top suppliers’ price-book at the time and structuring a deal to suit yourself, and enabling you to continue your day to day operations without any interruption.


And, because we understand that every business has different electricity needs, we provide dedicated 1-2-1 support from the moment you get in touch. 


We source, we secure, we manage 


We compare leading UK business electricity suppliers to find the most competitive rates for you. 

But we’re not just a traditional we’re broker. We’re a utility management company. That means we source, secure, and manage the entirety of your energy consumption and utilities accounts. 


We make switching business electricity suppliers as simple and straightforward as possible, saving you time, money, and hassle. 


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Helping your business go green 


One of our key goals is to provide you with the most economical options to help you reduce your carbon footprint wherever possible. We’re committed to meeting the target of being Carbon Zero by 2050, in keeping with the UK Government guidelines. 


So, wherever possible, we’ll put forward an affordable, green energy tariff alongside the other tariffs available.

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